Sports Betting Tips

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Smart sports betting requires plenty of knowledge. Those who know the most about the athletes or teams involved in the sports wager typically have the best chance at posting a winning wager.

Here at we have acquired all the tools it takes to be winners. The biggest gamblers in the world have trusted our tipsters to provide them with top notch advice in NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, college football, college basketball and professional soccer because millions of dollars has been made yearly with the betting tips we have suggested to players.

However, there's another aspect of sports betting knowledge you need to be successful: Managing your wagers and your bankroll. Use these free sports betting tips to improve the management of your sports wagering.

Manage Your Wagers. Obviously, do not wager more than you can afford to lose. Give yourself limits per game, per week, and per season, and stick to those amounts.

Don't Chase Losses. One way to quickly get into trouble with your sports wagering is to chase losses by making larger and larger wagers. When you're desperate to compensate for earlier losses and you're in a hurry, you're more likely to make a mistake. Refer back to the first item in this list of free sports tips: Set limits for your sports wagering and stick to them, regardless of the results.

Shop Around. When looking for a place to wager, you'll be tempted to look for a sports book that will give you the benefits you want. However, do not rely on benefits alone. Primarily, make sure you can trust the book, especially an online sports book. Don't just jump at the first sports book that gives you a large sign-up bonus; make sure it is a trustworthy place to wager, no matter how tempting the bonuses are.

Shop Around, Part 2. One of the top free sports tips we can offer is this one: When you've chosen a game on which to wager, make sure you're receiving the best benefit for your money by finding a sports book that gives you the best odds or point spreads. In other words, if you're going to wager on the Clippers and one sports book lists them as a 7-point favorite and another lists them as a 5-point favorite, you'll want to go with the latter book. As was discussed in the previous tip, make sure that you can trust the sports book above everything else, however. If you find a few sports books you can trust when shopping around, you'll have more point spread choices, increasing your changes of finding an advantageous point spread.