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If you are wagering $2,500 or more per game and are very serious about winning and making money then we should be working together with my VIP Vegas Picks Club.

I only have 2-3 of these type of games a week in football, basketball or baseball, so if you are disciplined to only bet on a few games a week then this is for you.

I believe information is the biggest commodity when it comes to sports gambling. I also believe the more accurate information you have on a topic the better your chances are to be successful. Do You Agree?

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Work with me directly, enjoy the experience of winning consistently and learn how to think of sports betting as an investment and not a gamble.

With my wagering knowledge I believe you will be able to turn a $5,000 bankroll into $100,000 over a period of 52 weeks. Once you make this decision to becoming rich or to secure the wealth you already have, the investment on these games will pay for themselves 10x over.

Sports betting in a Las Vegas casino is as close to you could be to being at the stadium. Hotels such as the Mirage, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Hilton, Venetian and Wynn have great sports and horse racing books with multiple gigantic tvs showing every sporting event in progress.

Sit back relax and watch the beautiful cocktail waitresss bring you free drinks and hope all your picks be winners, (remember always tip your waitress well).

In Vegas unlike your local book, you have to put the juice upfront along with the bet. Example to win $500 you must lay $550, if the bet wins your return is $1050. It is much more exiting when you win a collect your profits in 5 minutes in cash, not at the end of the week or by check from an online sportsbook. Also the sportsbooks in Vegas will not have any excuses regarding payment, your money is guaranteed in cash the only drawback is any return over $10,000 an IRS form by law must be filled out with proper identification.

Still better then a western union from an offshore company, hoping after your winning bet wins if you will get paid and have to pay a fee to receive your money in 2-3 weeks.

The hotels in Las Vegas offer better comps then the online sportsbooks do.